Our holistic approach aims to save you real pounds and pence through a comprehensive set of services.

Energy Arbitrage

Purchase energy during off-peak times to use when electricity prices are high to lower your overall cost of electricity

Peak Demand Management

Reduce facility demand during grid peak demand times. Peak Demand charges are set to increase, ESaaS is designed to offset your peak, Triad (TNUoS) and Red Band (DUoS) charges.

Demand Response

Participate in Grid based incentive programs to curtail facility energy demand without effecting operation.

Power Factor Correction

Condition incoming power to your facility to operate more efficiently and improve your power factor. An improved power factor reduces your monthly demand charge.

Power Quality

Receive uninterrupted, reliable power and eliminate unexpected fluctuations. This will minimize costly delays and defects due to Intermittent power

Peak Shaving

Reduce monthly demand charges by offsetting your energy at peak facility demand periods to minimize your monthly demand charges.

Transmission and Distribution

Ease congestion and  constraint on the electricity grid network to maintain reliability and extend equipment lifetime. Local grid operators offer incentives for these services to defer costly system upgrades.

Market Ancillary Service

To pay for providing the Batteries on-site we participate in National Grid Services such as frequency regulation.