Typically the time from A to B is 6-7 Months

What happens after the assessment, and what does it cost?

If the assessment is beneficial for all parties, Utility Alliance will schedule a meeting to discuss the results, funding model and next steps. The process to start saving is laid out above.

Do I have to sign a contract for ESaaS?

Yes, the ESCoTM contract period is typically 15 years. The STaaS contract length is 10 years.

What are the main considerations for site deployment?

Suitable space and access to be made available. Suitable breakers should be made available for isolation and protection. Fire suppression is built-in to the battery modules, and cooling is not required. No-site downtime is planned for. The ESaaS modules require an annual maintenance check, this will be carried out by Utility Alliance qualified staff.

ESaaS does not require you to outlay any capital. ESaaS is dependent on you agreeing to host the battery module(s) on-site. Shared Savings results from the combination of income from suitable Grid Contracts and savings from energy reduction during DUoS and TNOuS times.