ESaaS eliminates the three biggest hurdles to easily lowering your electricity spend.

No Capital Required

We handle all the system costs which means there is no capital outlay from you. ESaaS is a simple, predictable, and savings based on service level agreement. Capex options are available.

The Know-How to Operate it

With ESaaS, we provide you an energy dashboard and regular energy reports so you can see we are fulfilling our promise. Our Network Operations Centre is currently monitoring hundreds of MWs of Energy Resources across the UK. Any outage or out-of-bounds conditions will be flagged for support action. Our partner, Powerstar is

the UK’s largest manufacturers of Storage Systems.

ESaaS is Key To Our Customer Proposition

Utility Alliance pride ourselves on delivering not only lowest possible kWh unit costs, but also savings of the kWh’s themselves. By allowing us to focus on energy saving, you can focus on your core business. We built our business with the goal of lowering your energy costs through unit rate and efficiency  improvements.

When ESaaS is blended into your facility with other energy effi cy measures e.g. Energy Monitoring & Switching, LED, Solar, Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging and Power Optimisation, your energy infrastructure becomes a Microgrid that not only optimizes how your energy is used, but can spur new Smart Grid projects that can drive new revenue and cost savings opportunities.